Lots of tears…..Tears of happiness 

This week has been a good week. 😃

Londyn has been stable on 5L of hi-flo since Sunday and today we’ve turned it down to 4L and so far so good. Hopefully the extra week at the higher rate has allowed her lungs to mature a little bit more and she’ll remain comfortable on the lower flow and we can get her off it in the near future.

She has also managed to gain even more weight this week; going from 1220g to 1498g in just 1 week!! Nearly 40g per day and almost breaking the 1.5kg mark! We are so proud of her. ❤️

She had another echo on Monday to check on her heart murmur. They are happy that the PDA (which I explained in my last post) has reduced in size since the initial echo at 7 days old. It is now 1.2mm and what they class as high velocity. We will continue to monitor this to ensure that it closes (and stays closed) but no further treatment or intervention is required at this point.

Yesterday the nurse spoke to us about starting to think about getting her to ‘nuzzle’ in to see if she is interested in having a breastfeed. Whilst they didn’t think she’d do anything because she is not even 32weeks corrected yet, they wanted to make sure we were across the process and the benefits of this. They said they’d probably try in a week or so time to see how she goes. However, due to some restructuring in the ward yesterday / overnight it meant that there was only 1 other baby in her room today (and no other parents for the whole day). We took this opportunity to give her a go at ‘nuzzling’ before giving her a feed in her OG tube.

This was such an emotional moment for me. I actually felt like a proper mum for the first time since having her. Feeling like I was able to provide for my baby with this direct contact was amazing. And she did so well. For a baby that should not even be born for another 8.5weeks, she is truly amazing. I really can’t put into words the feeling that this brought. Whilst she doesn’t have the jaw strength to have a proper feed at this point, she definitely gave it a good crack and it’s all positive signs!!

So all in all a positively emotional day for me today.

I can’t believe Londyn will be 4weeks old tomorrow!!!


Much love


Kasey & Dan

3 thoughts on “Lots of tears…..Tears of happiness 

  1. Clever girl Londyn, keep smashing those goals💕💕 so happy for you kasey, the look on your face is priceless💕💕 can’t wait to see you again soon 💕💕💕


  2. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world. Londyn will take to it easily. She is such an amazing little cherub. Good work both of you. Love the look on your face. Says it all 😘💋❤️🌹


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