Onward and upward!

A week of ups and downs for us again this week (I think this will just be the norm for a little while).

As you know, we turned Londyn’s hi-flo back up to 6L earlier in the week as she wasn’t gaining enough weight and her breathing was getting a bit difficult with lots of Brady’s and de-sats. We stayed on 6L up until yesterday when it was turned back down to 4L. However within about 6 hours her stats were playing up again and she needed to go back up to 6L. She is much more comfortable on the 6L for the moment and unfortunately these things are a bit of trial and error until she has developed enough to support herself without it. The good thing is though that we are just on air. No oxygen has been required at all which is great. 

Early on it was also identified that she had a heart murmur or Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) which is an opening between two blood vessels leading from the heart. This is really common in premmies and wasn’t cause for major concern by the dr. She had an echo done a few weeks ago and this was confirmed and treated with a 3 day course of ibuprofen. Upon completion of this, the murmur was gone and the duct believed to be closed. This has been checked each day with no sign of the murmur until yesterday when the dr confirmed it appeared to have returned. He has ordered a repeat echo to check the duct so we can discuss further treatment options to fix this. Although today, the murmur can’t be heard, so until we can have the echo done on Monday, we don’t really know what’s going on with this. It is apprently common for the duct to open and close with premmies, so we’re hoping it’s just that and nothing more serious.

This week also marked Londyn’s 3 week ‘Birthday’! There is such a difference in her size, movements, alertness and eye contact and we notice new things about her each day. After having a blip earlier in the week in regard to weight gain, she has managed to put on 150g in just 4 days! She’s no weighing in at a whopping 1370g and is 40cm long. That’s a 3cm growth since birth! This has meant an increase in her feeds to 21ml every 2 hours and she has tolerated that really well. Yesterday she was starting to get hungry (and cranky) about 15mins before her next feed; whereas today, with the increased feeds, she was much more settled. We’ve also started giving Londyn a dummy during her feeds so she can make the connection between sucking and her belly getting full. She has been doing really well with this and quite happily spits the dummy out once the feed is finished (although she does like to hang on to it).

We had a bit of a concern this afternoon as her temperature spiked a little (still within ‘normal’ range, but on the high side of normal) and she was having some high respiratory stats. There was concern that she may have an infection of some sort; but the dr was onto it straight away ordering a full blood count that was processed within an hour. This showed no sign of anything, so they are thinking she just got a bit warm in the humidicrib. This can happen as she gets bigger and puts on more fat so is better able to regulate her own temp and needs less input from the heat control of the cot. This is a good thing and given no infection, they’ve just turned the cot temperature down and her body temp has also reduced as a result. 

Finally, today she got to meet her Pop and Nan Carr. Kathy & Ross flew up from NSW to meet our special little girl. And, as you can imagine are besotted with her. Whilst is remains difficult with visitors whilst she is still on NICU, they managed to sneak a few peeks at her throughout the day. 

We’ll keep you all posted with regard to Londyn’s progress.

Much love
Kasey & Dan

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