50 days of Londyn Rose

I really can’t believe that we’ve been on this roller coaster for 50 days!! But, that means 50 days closer to going home.

The past week at Greenslopes has been great. It is such a relaxed environment here compared to the busy Mater nursery. It’s been really lovely to have some space and privacy to spend with our little girl. We’ve been able to have lots more cuddles which has been great!!

All in all, it really has been a pretty uneventful week. Londyn is having less Brady’s and desats which is a really positive sign. She has grown a lot too, now weighing 2420g! We are almost at the 2.5kg mark!! She has been tolerating her 3 hourly feeds well and the next step will be demand feeding. She is showing many of the cues that she should be at this stage including waking for feeds & sucking on her dummy whilst feeding. These are all really positive signs and hopefully she’ll take to suck feeding really well. 

She had her weekly eye checkup on Wednesday. Thankfully they were able to get the ophthalmologist to come to Greenslopes to save us needing to transport her back to the Mater each week. This saved a lot of stress and disruption for her. The report shows that she has stage 1 ROP in her right eye and stage 2 ROP in her left eye. There is not any major concern over this at the moment and they will continue to monitor weekly. There are 5 stages with ROP and we’ve been advised that they generally don’t let it get past stage 3 without intervention (I.e laser treatment). We are hoping that we don’t get to that stage and it corrects itself, but are confident that the medical teams will act promptly when required. 

We also had a physio visit this week. She is very happy with Londyn’s movements and hips. We were given a peanut pillow to use whilst she is awake and on her back to assist with keeping her head in the centered position. This will ensure that she will not get a flat spot and help her head become more rounded. Londyn also amazed the physio with how strong her neck is whilst she is on her tummy. She really lifts her head up now and is much more controlled with her movements. We will have another follow up before going home to make sure everything is on track and continue to see the physio once we are discharged.

The days are definitely going quicker and we are well over halfway to being home and we can’t wait. 

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