Sometimes you have to take a step back to move forward.

The last few days have been up and down for Miss Londyn. 

After such a good week last week where she was putting on weight & we were able to reduce the hi-flo to 3L with talk of taking it off altogether because of how well she was doing, this weekend has been a little different.

She has lost a little bit of weight (only 10g; but any weight loss is taken seriously in prems) and she’s had some desats where her heart rate has dropped; and on occasion she’s stopped breathing for a few seconds. These are apparently all normal things for a baby of this age, but very unsettling and nerve wracking for us. If she doesn’t have enough help with breathing until her lungs are ready to do it on their own, she uses too much energy on breathing and not on growing.

Today they turned her hi-flo back up to 6L in the hope that this will allow her to use less energy on breathing and focus on resting and growing. This will be closely monitored and if her breathing doesn’t improve, she will have to go back on CPAP and have some oxygen assistance as well. They’ll also check for any infections or problems with her lungs if needed.

Within a few hours of the increased air through the hi-flo; she is a lot more settled and her breathing has become less of a struggle. We are hoping that this is enough and she will stabilize more over night and allow her some time to rest.

Apart from that, there is really no change. She continues to tolerate increased feeds which is always a positive. We have started to give her a dummy (even though I hate them!) just while she is having her feeds. This encourages her sucking reflex and the connection between sucking and her belly getting full. She has taken to this like a duck to water and sucks away on the dummy like a pro! 

So for now, we just have to sit tight and trust the Drs and not rush her progress while her little body continues to learn to live on the outside.

As always, thanks for all the love and support at this very challenging time for us.

Much love


Kasey & Dan

You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice.

I really love this quote! And it has never felt more appropriate than right now. I am currently getting my strength from Londyn. If she can do this, so can I. It sure is tough though!

The last 2 weeks have gone so quickly, but at the same time, it feels like Londyn has been a part of our lives for so long. I can’t imagine her not being here. Every day she makes us laugh, smile and cry! It’s so hard leaving at the end of each day. Some days are better than others, nice nurses make it easier, crappy ones make it so much harder. But we have to keep on keeping on.

Londyn has proved to us over and over again that she is the strongest little fighter I’ve ever met! She is continuing to exceed all expectations that the medical staff have.

On Sunday night, we were moved down a level in the NICU. This was due to the fact that the hospital nursery is really full, and that Londyn was the most stable baby in there (probably one of the earliest born too!) She is still technically in NICU and still receiving the same level of care just in a different section.

Each day when we go in, the nurses say the same thing ‘I don’t really have anything new to tell you. She’s been so good!’ This is really comforting for us to know she is going so well.

Over the last week, she has gone on to full feeds so was able to have her long line removed which is great – 1 less piece of tubing in her tiny body is fantastic. She has had the hi-flo turned down to 3L and the Dr is hoping to trial her off it altogether tomorrow. She will definitely be glad to get those prongs out of her nose. Her little fingers manage to pull them out multiple times every day! 

She is putting on weight – currently 1164g and has grown a whole centimeter! She is so strong and lifts her head and bottom up to move into the position she wants if she’s not comfortable. It still amazes me every time she does this. We have a goal weight of 1600g, as that means she can move into an open cot. The way she is going, she will be there before we know it.

We are hoping that we will get transferred back to the hospital where I was supposed to deliver when she gets to 32weeks gestation (so in just over 2 weeks). However, we don’t want to rush things and will be guided by her pediatrician as to what is suitable at what stage. 

We’ll continue to take each day as it comes and be guided by the Drs & nursing staff. 

I’ll leave you with some photos from this week as we today celebrate Londyn’s 2 week birthday!


Kasey & Dan

Tiny Feet; Massive Steps

Today marks Londyn’s 7th day in this world, and she is totally making her mark and we have achieved so many milestones.

1. We are a week old! Yay! Happy 1 week Birthday baby girl. It has gone so fast, but seems like forever ago at the same time. She continues to progress in leaps and bounds and amazes me everyday with the little things she does. She is so alert and strong. Nothing will stop her. Today, whilst having kangaroo cuddles, she decided she didn’t want to face the way she was anymore, so lifted her head and turned to face the other way. This may be normal, but I was completely shocked that she would have the strength to make such a move.

2. We cracked the 1kg weight mark today which is incredible. She was born at 990g; but dropped down to 950g during the week. Today she weighed 1030g!! We must remember to celebrate these achievements as they are imperitive to her growth and development. 

3. Clear results on her brain ultrasound! It is a known potential problem with premature babies to have Intraventricular hemorrhage (IVH) which is bleeding into the fluid-filled areas (ventricles) inside the brain. This was obviously a concern for us with Londyn, however the Drs have confirmed her results were clear! Another big tick on the road to getting her home and a big relief for Dan and I.

4. Our first poo-splosion! Londyn has had to have a bit of phototherapy due to a small amount of jaundice. We knew this might occur as we opted to use delayed cord clamping at birth. This process allows additional red blood cells, stem cells and immune cells to be transferred through the umbilical cord to the baby. Because of this, jaundice is a common side effect. The phototherapy used to treat the jaundice can also break down the bike; resulting in a poo-spolsion!! This happened this morning and required a whole new set of linen in her crib! People warned me about this sort of scenario and I suppose it won’t be the last! (Something to look forward to).

5. Increasing breast milk feeds. She is now taking 9ml every 2 hours, with top ups from her feeding tube. The goal is to be at around 13ml-14ml in the next couple of days so that we can remove her long line. Another piece of tubing out of her little body is only going to have positive effects! She has been tolerating the milk extremely well which is great. The only obstacle now is for me to keep up with the demand so she has enough sustenance.

Whilst it has been an emotionally draining couple of days, with me being discharged from hospital and feeling overwhelmed with the prospect of going home without my little girl, when I stop to think about everything she has achieved in the last week, I am overwhelmed with pride and adoration for what a strong little person she is already proving to be. Don’t get me wrong it is still hard to leave everyday but I know she is in the best care here. 

We love you Londyn Rose. Keep kicking those goals and proving everyone wrong! We will have you home in no time!

Kasey & Dan

The beginning of ‘The Londyn Rose Effect’

I decided today that I would start a blog. A space to share my thoughts with anyone who wants to take the time to read; as well as an opportunity to keep family & friends, near & far up to date with the progress of our sweet baby girl.

Today probably isn’t the best day to be starting this, however maybe writing things down will help me process everything.

As I write, through a face full of tears, I am questioning myself as to why I am so upset. How can something so amazing, make me so sad? I don’t know the answer to this. Perhaps a mixture of hormones, joy, exhaustion and the unknown all rolled into one.

It has been a whirlwind of a week. I was taken to hospital on Wednesday evening following my waters breaking; and within 24 hours, I had delivered a precious baby girl via emergency cesarean at 27w 5d gestation. I wasn’t prepared for that, and I was scared!

Londyn Rose was born on Thursday 12th January 2017 at 18:19 weighing just 990g and measuring 37cm. She was taken straight to NICU.

Although it has only been 5 short days, it is difficult to remember everything that has gone on between then and now (another reason for the blog, to help me document this journey).

At the end of day 5, Londyn has defied Dr’s and Nurses with her progress. She no longer requires the CPAP machine to assist with breathing and is tolerating larger amounts of breast milk in her tube feeds. Whilst we are ecstatic with this progress, we are not getting ahead of ourselves as she will require hospital care and monitoring for some time yet.

The outpouring of love that we have had from friends, family, colleagues and strangers has been incredible. This little girl has united so many people in our lives and I look forward to sharing her continuing story with you over the coming days, months, weeks & years as we mark all of the wonderful milestones that she reaches.

In the meantime, come on the journey with us and share ‘The Londyn Rose Effect’.