Look who’s a big girl now!!

A whole month has passed since our precious girl was born and what a crazy month it has been. Her corrected age is now 32+2 gestation – so still 8 weeks of her due date! Still hard to believe!


So many milestones have been met and she still has so many more to come.


Londyn is now weighing in at 1670g (680g above her birth weight) and on Saturday got to move out of the humidicrib into a big girl bed! This was a little daunting for me as she is still so small; but, as aways, she has managed this transition with ease. She is now in a Kanmed Babybed, which has a heated gel pad in the bottom. This is set to 37 degrees to assist her in maintaining her body temperature.


With this move came the opportunity for Londyn to start wearing clothes too!! She is still so tiny and everything is so big on her, but we have managed to find a couple of little outfits that fit her. She is quite funny and doesn’t realise she can still bend her legs when she is in the onesies, so she just lays there with her legs out straight and stiff!!


Yesterday we also turned her hi-flow down to 3L and she has tolerated this much better than the last time we tried at this level. She has been on 3L for over 24 hours now and has only had a couple of fleeting brady’s & desats which she has self corrected. This is all positive signs of her continued lung development. The next step from here is to trial her off the hi-flow altogether to see if she is able to breathe on her own.


We have today also progressed from 2 hourly feeds to 3 hourly feeds. Again, this is further progression and one step closer to home for us! So far she has tolerated this OK, with just a small vomit this morning. So they will continue to monitor this change and ensure that she continues to digest the feeds and manage with the 3 hour break.


Today she also had her first eye test. This is done at the 32 week mark and then weekly or fortnightly thereafter to check for Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP). This has to do with the formation of the blood vessels in her eyes and due to her prematurity, can occasionally cause retinal detachment. This early screening is to ensure that any early signs of this are picked up and if required, treatment can be started where necessary. We won’t get the results of this until Wednesday and then they will decide what (if anything) will need to be done and if she needs to have weekly or fortnightly tests going forward.


All being well with the eye test and if she continues to  handle the change to her feeds and reduced hi-flow, we should be able to move to the Special Care Nursery at Greenslopes Private in the next couple of weeks. But as always, we’ll just take each day as it comes and be guided by the Dr’s and the best interests for Londyn.


Much Love

Kasey & Dan

One thought on “Look who’s a big girl now!!

  1. You forgot to add ‘getting more beautiful by the day’. She is definitely her mothers daughter, strong and determined!! Love you lots and lots and can’t wait to see you again soon 💕💕💕💕


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